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KT-YS Oil Radiator Series

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KT-YS Oil Radiator Series

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KT-YS type oil radiator mainly used for stirring vehicles, engineering vehicles, such as the oil cooling, changed to apply the foreign product of advanced technology, process, and the storage tanks and the cooler, a motor, a motor protective cover, a temperature control switch, filters, etc. of various composition.


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Installation position and connection mode


The installation position of the radiator in the mixing car is recommended for the ventilation and smooth, and the cooling air can be ensured without any obstruction, and the heat flow can be avoided by the heat sink after the heat sink.. The radiator is connected with the mounting holes on the bottom heads and the shock pad is required for the installation of the shock pad so as to reduce the vibration impact of the vehicle traveling and thereby prolong the service life of the radiator..



The effective volume of the fuel tank is 12 liters, 18 liters, 26 liters, 32 liters, and a filling hole at the top of the tank.. In the first use, refueling should be added to the centerline of the pipe oil mirror, refueling process should try to drain the debris in the system, after each refueling, should tighten the hole screws.

Motor connection


Radiator motor is a DC motor, air suction type, due to the DC motor for long-term continuous operation. Therefore in the use of the process must be used in conjunction with a temperature control switch connected should pay attention to the positive and negative.

Temperature control switch


Temperature control switch by switch "on / off" action to ensure the motor intermittently work, temperature rise in the oil to the users need the temperature, the temperature control switch is turned on, the motor starts to run, the heat through the cooling wind away quickly, and the temperature drops; when the temperature drops to the users need the temperature, temperature control switch is disconnected, the motor stopped running. (temperature control switch has German AKG original piece, American Emerson two kinds of)

Schematic diagram of circuit



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