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Suction Filter

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Suction Filter

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Filter through the flange and the radiator connection, the filter oil filter, after installation, the whole filter dip in the tank, only end Gailu outside the tank,, by the end cover, and replacement of the filter element. In the replacement filter, the filter will automatically cut off the oil, so when the filter element, do not drain the system of oil. In the flow 200L/min. Through the filter of oil drop 0.18bar. In the flow is 100L / min, through the filter of oil pressure drop for 0.09bar, filter precision of 10 m, working temperature for 20 to 100 DEG C. (AKG original, sofima original, homemade three selection filter. The filter by Italy imports original configuration). Note: in the process of the filter, the vacuum pressure is found to be expressed in 0.05 ~ 0.08MPa and need to replace the filter element..



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