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Oil Drain Valve KT05-100

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Oil Drain Valve KT05-100

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The oil discharge valve, also known as the “API” valve, is installed at the bottom of the side of the tanker for quick loading and unloading of oil. It is a key product for bottom filling, which can replace the traditional top loading method to reduce air pollution and human injury. It is the best product to achieve fully enclosed and pollution-free loading and unloading of oil.


Features and features:

*The oil discharge valve is made of aluminum alloy. It is integrally molded by casting. The surface is hard oxidized and has strong corrosion resistance. The internal shaft parts are made of stainless steel to improve the service life.

*The handle is open, with two gear positions, set the flow as needed.

* Interface size conforms to API RP 1004 standard and can be interfaced with standard API connectors.

* Optional eyepieces are available for easy observation of internal work.


The main technical parameters:

Main material

The way to

Work pressure

Maximum flow

Opening method

Temperature range

Aluminum alloy

φ100(4 inchs)






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