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Manhole Cover Built-in Breather Valve KT031

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Manhole Cover Built-in Breather Valve KT031

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Built-in breathing valve can be according to the needs of the installation of one or two on the manhole cover, the breathing valve conforms to the standards of GB/T18564.1-2006, make tanker in transport process is safe and reliable, can according to the actual need to set different working pressure to ensure reliable suction exhaust function. When the tanker encountered an accident, the valve in the overflow of the overflow function of the beginning of the work, the automatic sealing channel, to prevent the leakage of oil and accidents due to accidental.


Features and features:When the tanker internal pressure is higher than the external pressure of 6 ~ 8 or below the external pressure 2 ~ 3kpa, breathing valve will automatically open, the internal and external tank through, balance internal and external tank too large pressure difference. Breathing valve can be selected according to different regions of the use of different open pressure, plateau region recommended the use of 13 ~ 15kPa of the built-in breathing valve.


Main technical parameters:


Exhaust pressure Inspiratory pressure


6~8kPa or 13~15kPa

-2~-3kPa or -3~-5kPa

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