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Mixer radiator

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Mixer radiator

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  Under the control of the temperature control switch, the electronic fan produces cooling air to cool the high temperature oil which caused by oil system runs to a proper temperature; meanwhile, the hydraulic oil can be filtered through the filter and then enter the oil circuit system under the action of the negative pressure pump;


Applicable models Fan Open and Close temperature Capacity of oil system Core size
Truck mixer of 3m3~6m3 Fan specifications are optional Customizable 12L or Customizable


(Max size of the core)

Truck mixer of 7m3~ 12m3 18L or Customizable
Truck mixer of 13m3~ 16m3 26L or Customizable
Truck mixer of over 16m3 32L or Customizable

  Can be customized or customized according to customer requirement.


1. Vacuum pressure gauge 2. Filter
3. Shroud module 4. Junction box
5. Temperature control switch 6. Bar-plate oil cooler
7. Electronic fan


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