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New energy mixer radiator

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New energy mixer radiator

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  According to the temperature requirements of the vehicle, combined with the temperature provided by the radiator temperature transfer device, the vehicle control system can adjust the speed of brushless electronic fan, so that the radia-tor outlet temperature is kept at the optimal temperature required by the system, saving energy and environmental protection, while effectively improving the service life of the water system parts; The product is equipped with liquid vision mirror and liquid level sensor at the same time, which reduces the driver's need for professional knowledge and improves the timeliness of component maintenance. Efficient electronic water pump integration greatly reduces the vehicle space requirements and pipeline layout, reduces the failure points of products and also improves the customer's appearance satisfaction.


Applicable Machine Fan Expansion tank Core size(cm)
New Energy Mixer Brushless Electronic Fan Recommended


(Max size of the core)

  Can be customized or customized according to customer requirement.


1. Expansion tank 2. Liquid level sensor
3. Shroud 4. Radiator
5. Electronic pump 6. Rubber pad asembly
7. Brushless 8. Temperature sensor


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