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  • Product Name: Manhole Cover KT03-530TB
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  • Published: 2015-04-24
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     With the continuous development of industry, oil demand is increasing day by day, of oil tanker safety and environmental performance requirements also continues to increase. The product is designed to ensure the transportation safety of the tanker truck.. The manhole cover is installed in the tank top, the tanker rollover has explosion-proof function overflow. At the same time, when the internal pressure difference between the inside and outside of the tank has the function of breathing, the internal and external pressure balance is reached.. The man Kong Gai applies to gasoline, kerosene, diesel and other light fuel oil tanker.



Features and features:

*Appearance: Kong Gai is carbon steel material, the surface is treated by rust. Kong Gai is mainly composed of large, small hole, Gaiti, pressure plate, emergency ventilation and respiratory valve cover spring.

* emergency venting: when the tanker accident tank in high temperature environment, the cover and the small cover has emergency discharge function, emergency opening pressure of 21 - 35kpa, the maximum displacement of 7000m no / h to ensure safety of tank.
* built-in breathing: inside and outside the tank under a certain pressure difference will automatic exhaust suction, with dumping anti overflow function, make tanker in transport process is safe and reliable.
* standby opening: the manhole cover is provided with two auxiliary holes, can be used for the installation of oil and gas recovery valve, anti overflow probe or oil hole.

    People cover installation, in handling and installation process should pay attention, do not hurt the manhole cover installing sealing surface, so as not to affect the sealing performance. Kong Gai seal gasket is provided by our company special gaskets, attention can not damage.

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