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  • Product Name: Subsea Valve KT02B-100(Aluminum)
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  • Published: 2015-04-24
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     Emergency shut-off valve (subsea valves), installed on the bottom of the tank, when the tank at the bottom of the receiving strong impact and emergency cut slot will automatically break, separation tank and the bottom of the pipe, become independent closed tank, so as to prevent the leakage of the internal liquid tank, greatly improve transport security, both at home and abroad are widely used.



Features and features:

    *Aluminum alloy emergency shut-off valve adopts aluminum alloy material, after integral casting, the surface after hard oxidation treatment, with strong anti - corrosion and internal shaft parts made of stainless steel material, improve service life.

Stainless steel emergency cut off valve with 304, 316, 316L material, after precision casting overall molding, the key seal for PTFE, with a strong anti-corrosion.
* when the vehicle at the time of loading and unloading oil Tuyu fire occurs, the fusible element began to move, valve emergency shutdown, to ensure that the tanker safety.
* when the pneumatic valve can not open the valve can be manually emergency open.
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