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  • Product Name: Pneumatic Combination Switch KT-QK
  • Product Code: 0007
  • Published: 2015-04-24
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      Pneumatic combined switch for car pneumatic valve of centralized control, including emergency shut-off valve, oil and gas recovery valve and side plate ventilation valve a series of pneumatic valves and achieve rapid opening and closing, with automatic reset function, when the inlet pressure below the set pressure, the control unit will automatically shut down.



Features and features:
  Pneumatic combination switch mainly by the main control valve, sub control valve and the block, when the main valve is opened, the sub control valve can normally open. When the valve is opened, the red indicator set on its red indicator will rise, indicating that normal ventilation has been. The sub control valve is provided with two connecting outlet, are respectively connected with the oil gas recovery valve and emergency shut-off valve. The front end of the main control valve is provided with an emergency vent, which can be connected with the emergency vent valve for emergency control, and when the emergency exhaust valve is opened, the valve will be automatically shut down.
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